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DMAIC is short for Design, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control and is the most common Six Sigma problem soving process. DMAIC is suitable to use for existing processes which needs to be improved.

The DMAIC process is further explained below.


The purpose of this phase is to clearly define what the problem is and how it can be quantified.


In measure, the Six Sigma team should measure how the process is performing today. 


The purpose of analyze is to investigate the relationship between the inputs and outputs of a process and thereby answer the question why the process is performing as measured in the previous DMAIC step. In order to be successful in the project, the root causes of the problem must be found. .


In this phase the Six Sigma team should have a good understanding of the present state of the process and the root causes of the problems. The process should now be improved by eliminating the root causes. Risks should be assessed and eliminated for the new process (see FMEA) and a pilot should be executed. 


The aim of the control phase is to make sure that the improvements sustain and the process does not revert into its previous state. 



What is Six Sigma?
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